22 and just got 4000 FUE grafts in Turkey, but still depressed!

I am 22 years old. I have been balding a lot since I was sixteen. This made me depressive from time to time and fucked up my confidence. I started Fin eight months ago. No sides yet, but there are moments in which it scares the fuck out of me. After thinking for years about it, I finally took the plunge and went for a hair transplant. Iwent to Turkey to have 4000 Grafts transplanted. Hair line with 50 grafts/cm2 and behind 30 grafts per cm2. It was a FUE. I am very happy with the transplant itself, I think the doctors made a good job. What kind of scares me now is that I definitely have to take Fin for the Rest of my time and do not really have a choice anymore. At least the clinic highly recommended me to continue taking fin. Moreover, I do not want to care that much anymore and not constantly thinking about future transplants and possible sides and also somehow think I might have been too young. Dunno, there are doubts now and all of this would not be such a big problem if some company would finally perform and bring me an alternative to fin, but I guess it will not happen. Oh man. Maybe, some of you can relate. Regarding Dermarolling, I start to lose hope because I think it only works for some people and before the hair transplant, I really hoped it would also help maintain. ust want to have my youth now and not constantly feel depressed anymore. Feeling lower than before. I feel like it might have been a stupid choice cause I am only 22. If you could contribute something, I would love to hear honest words from you what to do.

Clearly you seem to understand that hair loss is a progressive process. Now that you had 4000 FUE grafts, you most probably have reached the limit for FUE grafts in the future (see here: https://newhair.com/resources/#tab-id-4 . Keep in mind that the donor hair you have left will have to manage all of the hair loss you have in the future. That is why I continually discuss two points (1) never rush into a hair transplant especially if you are under 26 and (2) always have a Master Plan for your future hair loss like how are you going to manage it. Hair transplants can’ cure depression nor cure hair loss because it is a changing process. Get a plan going forward. I would like to see some photos of you now and maybe I can help you plan your future course.

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