Today we live in a world where appearance is important. The face defines looks for men and men. Having a beard is considered a symbol of virility. Therefore, modern men do not worry about having a beard transplant. Thousands of men have chosen to graft bread and the number of beard transplant cases is increasing dramatically. There are several types of beard transplants and the extraction of FUE or follicular units is considered one of the most popular. The main purpose of this transplant is to increase the fullness and density of the beard. It is particularly useful for all those who have few facial hairs. Furthermore, those with scars on their faces would like to cover it. In these cases, the beard transplant can be very useful. For many, this could be the only way to improve their appearance.

How does the FUE beard transplant procedure work?

The extraction of follicular units or FUE is one of the most widely used hair transplantation technologies. Now it is used very frequently for beard, mustache and mustache grafts. It is in great demand because it is minimally invasive and the need to place the patient under the knife is reduced to a minimum. However, the procedure is long and can last from three to nine hours. The time spent may depend on the area covered and the amount of hair needed. A complete beard transplant could require about 4,000 hairs, while a goatee graft could be completed with about 1,500 hairs.

How is The Procedure Done?

The identification of the Turkish service provider for beard transplantation is very important because the procedure is rather complex. The process involves the localization of a so-called stable area that can be in the back or side of the head. This area is used as a donor area for beard, mustache or mustache. For a beard transplant, finer hair is needed because it is needed on both sides of the face. In many cases, chest hair and other parts of the body are used if the donor is bald. Even the hairs of the legs, thighs and other parts of the body are commonly used.

However, in most cases, a beard transplant is a one-day procedure. In other words, guests can walk during the day and, in most cases, can leave at the end of the day or perhaps within 4 or 5 hours. Once the donor is discovered, the surgeon must extract each hair follicle (one at a time). This is done using so-called drilling technology. This helps to cut the area around and into the follicle. The right tools are needed and their size will depend on many factors. The blow will be small if the hair is very fine. The process is performed discreetly and under a microscope and will not be perceptible to the normal human eye.

How the End Result Will Look:

If the appropriate facial hair grafting is done using FUE or other appropriate technology, there is no doubt that the beard will look very natural. The results will be visible to all immediately after the procedure. However, full results can take several months, which is the norm for all FUE facial hair  transplants.

Are There Any Significant Risks:

Although this type of facial hair transplantation presents little risk, especially if performed by Turkish specialists in facial hair transplantation, the technique used can pose some problems. There is what is called a donor healing, especially in the case of follicular unit grafts or FUT. This technique is also called a tape. Pigmentation can also occur in some cases, but they are usually curable and reversible.


It depends on several factors, such as the area to be covered, beard density, time spent and other similar factors. However, in most cases, even the simplest form of facial hair  transplantation should not cost less than $ 1,500. Therefore, it should be planned well in advance and there will also be recurring costs for monitoring visits and, if necessary, making changes.


In the end, there is hardly any doubt that if facial hair transplantation is very fashionable and also necessary for many, it is very important to identify the right surgeon and the correct process. And be very careful in choosing your clinic always.

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