Beard Transplant

If you were born without the genes to have a full beard open a new window. You were born at the right time to solve it.

Thanks to the science and a touch of vanity, you can now make up your hair on your head, giving it a fuller beard. Open a new window, with a slight difference visible in the scalp. Yes, beard transplants have been around for a while, but they are more effective than ever.

The first thing to know is that the hair is transplanted from the scalp, mainly in the back where the hair is thicker and more similar to those of the beard. . “These hairs will grow like beard hair,” says Epstein. Although his hair and beard are slightly different in color, Epstein says it will not look unnatural, and he has performed hundreds of shaving procedures, he has never had a patient with staining problems.

How do beard transplants work?

Extracting and replanting 2,000 hairs one by one is a long process. But it’s not as long as you can think of: a beard transplant can be completed in eight hours. For this, Epstein and other doctors give their patients oral sedation and local anesthesia around the head.

Then, the hairs are removed one by one with the FUE technique, short for the transfer of follicular units. Previously, doctors have removed a strip of skin with hair follicles, leaving a visible scar on the back of the scalp. FUE, on the other hand, is not detectable with the naked eye. So the doctor makes small incisions in the area of ​​the beard that determine the direction, density and angle in which the hair will grow. The skills of the doctor in this part will determine how natural your beard will be when you grow up.

What to expect after surgery

You should expect these transplanted hairs to fall after two or three weeks, but that’s fine; then they grow back permanently, but not after three or four months. (So, there is a gestation period). This occurs because the body suffers a slight shock due to the delocalization, but the disc remains in its new location and, without a doubt, will regrow after hair regeneration.

When the beard hairs grow back

Even the most recent procedures are quite convincing: see the faces of these two patients before and after the new growth. Epstein states that men with unequal beards can “go from three to eight years”. This means that you probably will not get full coverage, but again, boys with eight seem pretty happy with the density of their beards.

Who is a good candidate for a beard transplant?

Almost every man can get a beard transplant, assuming he has from $ 5 to $ 11,000 to pay for it. “As long as men have donor hair on their scalp, they’re good candidates,” Epstein said. That said, if you’re a candidate for male pattern baldness later in life, you’ll have 2,000 hairs less to cover your head when your hair starts to disappear. The good news, these hairs will not fall from your cheeks, transplants are permanent.

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