Dr Tulunay Said Trust in Turkey’s health Sector and Had Built up over Years!

Hair Transplant Istanbul

Dr Tulunay said trust in Turkey’s health sector had built up over years.

“A few years ago, people were worried about whether it would really help them,” he said about hair transplants. “But with the latest developments in technology, results are wonderful.”

The Association of Health Tourism, a business pressure group, says around 400,000 foreigners seeking medical and wellness treatments in clinics and spas are expected in Turkey this year, up from 100,000 two years ago.

Turkey’s health tourism industry includes package tours for eye and dental operations as well as plastic surgery. The Association of Health Tourism estimates that the country can earn up to $10bn a year by attracting foreign patients.

In a move designed to boost the sector, Turkey lifted a ban on the employment of foreign doctors and health workers earlier this year. So far, 158 foreign doctors have received permission to practise in Turkey, according to government figures quoted by news reports.

Top surgeon warns against hair transplants too young

Young men shouldn’t have operations as soon as they start losing hair, according to one of the country’s leading hair transplant surgeons.

He has told Newsbeat some clinics are not doing enough to warn under-30s about the long-term risks.

Doctor Bessam Farjo says he has had enquiries from men as young as 19 but does not recommend hair transplants for under-25s.

I ask them questions about their family history, record the hair loss and monitor it over a period of time. I also offer them medication to see if their hair stops falling out

Doctor Bessam Farjo

He is warning men to avoid surgery until they are closer to the age of 30.

He said that while the publicity in celebrities like Wayne Rooney getting the procedure is making it more popular, it is not for everyone.

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“When a celebrity comes out with it, you only hear the good things,” he said. “You don’t hear the cautions or the potential complications.”

He says that if you get surgery too young, it can look worse than it did in the first place.

He said: “If you have the surgery too early and you go bald, you don’t have enough hair to keep chasing the hair loss.

“You can end up with isolated patches of hair. You could end up with hairy temples and a bald forehead which isn’t pretty but is also hard to fix.”

‘Bald bits’

Dr Farjo says when younger patients come to see him his priority is to preserve the rest of their hair from falling out before talking about surgery.

Image captionEngland footballer Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant in June aged 25

“I ask them questions about their family history, record the hair loss and monitor it over a period of time,” he said.

“I also offer them medication to see if their hair stops falling out.

“I am then able to have a much fuller picture of how much hair they will lose.”

Jon from Merseyside has been losing hair since he was 20.

He says he used to style his hair to hide his bald bits.

“It’s a massive blow to your confidence when your hair line changes,” he revealed.

Jon is now having surgery at 29 and says he is glad he waited.

No regulation

Newsbeat spoke to 16 hair transplant surgeons.

Thirteen said they agreed with Dr Farjo and would be reluctant to operate on men under 25.

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